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Check out our great selection of Fire Service Training programs. We will be running series of courses online on a monthly basis.

Look at the programs below and sign up by hitting the associated register link below the description!

Each class averages 2-2.5 hrs training. Some classes may be best at 3 hrs for larger groups. 

$30/each individual class

$75/package of 3

Department pricing available on inquiry with price points up to 25 students from one department for one class who attend on a zoom group login with one monitor per station per class or we can even do all 3 classes! (Multiple departments can also be accomodated.)

Email for larger group discounts


John Brophy Fire Training VP
Fire Service Training
FIRE SERVICE TRAINING COURSES-All Online, Presented through Zoom (in person classes on request).
Constructed to Stand – Ignited to Fall

Dates available on request – Times TBD (EST)

In this session we will look at building construction through the eyes of the firefighter.  The focus will be on how fire behavior impacts structural integrity as it relates to firefighter safety and survival.  One specific area of emphasis will be on reading the building and fire conditions with an eye toward both the civilian and firefighter survivability profile.  Through the use of case studies participants will experience an in-depth practical approach to building construction that is specifically related to the practice of firefighting.


  • Illustrate, using high-impact case studies significant construction-related hazards facing structural firefighters

  • Explore, through the lens of firefighter safety and survival, the importance of initial and ongoing size-up and situational awareness

  • Explore what happens when various types of construction are subjected to fire

  • Identify are the differences between legacy and contemporary structures under fire conditions

  • Discuss how building construction impacts fireground strategy and tactics as well as firefighter safety and survival

Bullying in the Fire Service
Dates available on requestTimes TBD (EST)

Approximately 60 million U.S. workers are affected by bullying in the workplace, 40% of which involves employees within a government setting. Unfortunately, 80% of this incivility and abusive workplace behavior is legal in most states.   This program will provide firefighters and fire officers with an opportunity to enhance their awareness of the issue with an eye toward prevention of future acts of workplace bullying and ultimately improving the culture of the fire service for years to come.  


  • Define what workplace bullying is and what it is not

  • Distinguish between uncivil/abusive and illegal behavior

  • Illustrate and analyze bully motives and behaviors

  • Discuss and analyze target and witness behavior

  • Illustrate the parallels between bullying and domestic violence

  • Identify the negative health effects on targets

  • Establish that leadership and co-worker inaction is not a neutral response

  • Discuss how workplace bullying is currently stopped

  • Formulate strategies to create safer and healthier workplaces

Basement Fire Strategy and Tactics

Dates available on requestTimes TBD (EST)

This session will provide firefighters and fire officers with an opportunity to enhance their ability to size-up and extinguish fires in basements and cellars.  Through the examination of the research conducted on basement fires by NST and others, the program will establish an access-based strategy and tactics model that can be adapted to your organization’s operational capabilities and approach.  The use of case studies from the news and other sources will also be employed to illustrate and reinforce key areas of the content.


  • Recognize the conditions indicative of a basement or cellar fire

  • Describe the common features of basements and cellars

  • Recognize the potential safety risks specific to basement and cellar fires

  • Discuss strategy and tactics that can be applied to basement and cellar fires

  • Analyze case studies of actual events with an eye toward learning from the experiences of others faced with the challenges of basement or cellar fires

Or Register yourself or your department for all 3!

Fire training courses online
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