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EMS Fire MCI Command training

MCI Command Village "Putnamville"

How many times have you done an Incident Command or MCI course tabletop exercise only to sit around and talk about what you’d do? We have a better option. We’ll bring our tabletop scale village “Putnamville” to your site for real-time, hands-on incident command training. Our village was created by our owner’s father Frank Putnam, a retired Fire Chief (and named in his memory), for fire safety education. Rory has found an innovative way to use this versatile village in FEMA ICS courses, MCI programs and general con-ed programs.


The village includes a rural area complete with a farmhouse and ocean/lake area, downtown with railroad tracks, streets, highway and multiple buildings including schools, industrial, hospital, gas station, supermarket and more. It has a pre-existing building fire, auto accident, barn fire, capsized boat and boat fire. More incidents can be created including MCI’s, MVCs, HazMat, train derailments, brush fires and more!


It includes scale model vehicles of fire, EMS, police and national guard resources as well as planes, boats, and civilian vehicles. To the best of our knowledge no one else in New England offers such a detailed training option!


For pricing and more information on this dynamic training tool, Contact us.

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