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Atlantic Life Safety Customer Reviews

“This teacher is awesome! Great info, good sense of humor, very dedicated to EMS and CPR, has a passion for the field which he passes to his students.”

— Pete S, Student

Rory is very detailed-oriented and produced great results for the company.

— Dan S, Client

Rory is hands down a great person. I took an EMT-Basic class from him. Most importantly, I learned a lot from him. He really knows his stuff and is a very smart man, and his interest in saving lives rubbed off on me.

— Ben, Student

This company provides excellent CPR and first aid training as well as EMS continuing education, safety, and other courses.

— Nick, Client and Student

Knows his stuff and is very meticulous in his teaching.

— Sam T, Client and Student

Excellent instructor who made it easy to pass my EMT practical certification on the first attempt. Rory Putnam is the most down to earth and nicest person I’ve met.

— Nikki L, Student

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