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President's Welcome,

Welcome to what we hope will be the start of your EMS career. Whether your ambition is to work for a Fire Department, continue on in other medical professions like nursing or becoming an MD, or you aspire to be a Paramedic, we train them all! I'm happy to say we have a staff with decades of EMS experience in multiple different venues.


I have over 30 years in the field working for private, federal government contract, municipal and state agencies in operations, emergency management, communications and educational roles. And our staff has dozens of years experience as well to make a great educational experience for you! 


Atlantic Life Safety is a full-service provider of quality education for EMT courses, specialty and CEU classes, as well as a leader in EMS, EMA and OSHA compliance consulting services. We're happy you've chosen to make us part of your training and future in EMS!


Rory S. Putnam, AA, NR-P, I/C

Our Philosophy

We believe quality in EMS begins with excellent education...and continues there! The quality of an EMS system is dependant upon the education the providers recieve and we are dedicated to making your experience the best possible with life-like simulation and hands-on training that augments the classroom lessons.

Our History

Atlantic Life Safety was founded in 1999 as a dba company performing CPR and First Aid training. In 2014 we increased our training opportunities to include EMT Basic courses in cooperation with several partner agencies, CEU contract, Online training, and specialty courses as well as consulting services.


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