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If you need a course, and we’re not offering what you need, call or email us. We’ll come to you. We can set it up for you and work to accommodate your schedule and needs.


We offer 10% of net profits for a course to anyone who provides us a referral once the course is completed!


Profit Sharing

Even Better! If you are an instructor for the discipline for which you provided a referral we’ll hire you to assist in teaching for a generous hourly rate. Even if you’re not an instructor you’ll get a discounted rate based on how many students you referred into a class.


Department Discounts

Any agency or department that provides us with a site to host a class, will get a discounted rate of one free student for the course and up to 25% off for their employees (dependant upon registrations, discounts applied may be between 5-25%. More students equals more discount!) to cover rental of the space.


Price Matching

Another feature which makes us different from the rest...we'll PRICE MATCH. Any course another educator is doing for you now, we'll match with up to a 10% discount as long as they are not offering the course at cost!


Contact us for more details.

Special Offers

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